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Gary Allan's Christian Oldies - Contemporary Christian Music 1965-1985

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Gary Alan's Christian Oldies

Welcome to the home of Gary Alan's CHRISTIAN OLDIES. CHRISTIAN OLDIES is a one hour radio program originating in Medford, Oregon. Check our On The Radio page to see if CHRISTIAN OLDIES is available in your area. The focus of the program is the ministry of contemporary Christian music from 1965 to 1985.

Who is your favorite Christian Oldies artist? Our "Artists" page will show you the current results of our favorite artist poll.  Don't forget to vote for your favorite artist.

Contemporary Christian Music has been in and around my family since I was very young. In the mid 60s I did all I could to get to concerts and to buy the music. I was either listening to it or singing it. God has given me incredible "on the job training" in the Christian music field. I was an announcer and music director in Christian Radio for several years. I served as a Sales & Marketing Representative for Christian Recording Companies and Sales Manager for a Distributor of Christian music. Over the years I've collected hundreds and hundreds of my favorite recordings on 8 tracks, reel to reel, LPs, cassettes and CDs. I know the effect that this music has had on my spiritual growth over the years. It is filled with God's word and I believe that is it's real power to change lives. My passion is to get this music into the ears and hearts of Gods people once again. It's message is not old and outdated but living and powerful and more up to date lyrically than tomorrows newspaper. I am dedicated to making contemporary Christian music of 1965 through 1985 available through the Christian Oldies radio program, this website and every other opportunity I have as God directs.

The Fingerprints of God

Gary has loved music all of his life.  In the early 60s, he began singing Christian music in choirs and quartets.  His first job in Christian radio was as announcer for KEAR in San Francisco, CA in 1974.  Thats when he picked up the radio name of Gary Alan

For almost two decades he prayed and watched for greater opportunities to use his talents (especially his voice) for the Lord.  More than once he was told that he should start his own radio program.  In early 2004, the Holy Spirit breathed life into an idea and the Christian Oldies radio program and ministry was born. 

Gary had a home studio that he had been using for several years to provide voice recordings for various ministries and advertising agencies.  He researched contemporary Christian music for 1965 to 1985 by going through his personal collection and by communicating with the folks at CCM Magazine.  With the help of CCM and a growing network of other audiophiles, he carefully built a database of what were the most popular songs during that era.  He sent out CDs, rough demos of the program to friends and family asking for their input.  Over the next few months Christian Oldies was trademarked, he acquired the Christian Oldies domain, the first website went up on the internet 10/16/04 and the first Christian Oldies radio program was broadcast Saturday October 23rd on KDOV in Medford, OR. 

Many lives have been touched by the ministry of this contemporary Christian music, old school. 

Listener Comments:

I love that song!  It is my dad's favorite. [Leon Patillo/J.E.S.U.S.] 

I couldnt help but to just cry when I heard that song again.  It took me back to a time when God was really working on me. 

It's awesome to hear DeGarmo & Key again.  They are my absolute favorite bar none. 

My vote is for the Gaither Trio.  The music of the Gaither's probably changed "popular" Christian music more than any other in the last 40 years.

*Mark D.  I was saved in 1982 and the songs remind me of how God was working in my life then.

*Genna B. My absolute favorite contemporary Christian album of all time is "The Way" by the band "The Way" from Maranatha music.  Their music is still anointed after all these years!  

*Jim G. I was saved in the early '80s.  The songs remind me of what God was doing in my life in the early years of my faith.  I was heavily into secular Rock N Roll.  God replaced this with Contemporary Christian Music!  The music of Christian Oldies blesses my heart.


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